• Suzy Jurcevic-Garcia

What is Voiceover Narration and Why Should You Hire a Professional?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Professional Female American Voiceover Narration

When it comes to certain things in our life, like buying a house or going to the doctor, we know that using a professional is the only option. Why? Because a shortcoming in real estate dealings and your personal health can be physically and financially catastrophic.  Well, that kind of mentality and importance translates over into unsuspecting industries, most notably that of voiceover.

When it comes to a video, explainer video, educational course, and other kinds of recorded content, the audio – also known as the very informational substance of the video – can make or break its impact.

We’re going to first look at what voiceover narration is, and then why a professional is the only option for you moving forward.

What is Voiceover Narration?

Voiceover is a production technique where a voice is used in radio, television, filmmaking, theatre, videos, or presentations to explain something to the audience.  It can also be used for live events, like award presentations and so forth.  A professional voiceover actor will have the ability to adapt to any piece of media or content that needs the narration, offering direction and suggestions to bring the whole thing together.  Generally recorded as the last stage in the creation of the media, voiceover narration brings in authenticity, clarity, and versatility to the already filmed and edited clip.

Why Hire a Professional?

Not just anyone is trained in the art of voiceover narration or has the equipment to get it just right.  When you hire someone floating around the Internet, the recording could be fuzzy, they could lack the experience to adapt to the tone of the media, and they may not always be available or have a quick turnaround when you need them.

Here are just a few reasons why you should only consider a professional:

Experience: Professionals come with years, if not decades, of experience, which means they are going to adapt to your project quickly and seamlessly, while also offering up tips and suggestions you might not otherwise know.

Professional Versatility: These voiceover narration artists can adapt to different scripts, tones, and more, in little time, to perfectly fit into your vision and finalized media.

Recording Equipment: Voiceover artists come with professional recording studio production quality, so you can rest assured the audio is clear, crisp, and without any fuzziness or background noise.  The slightest of noise can ruin the entire clip.

Commitment: Voiceover narration artists take their jobs seriously, which means they are willing to work with you to arrive at a finished product. It’s just as important to them as it is to you.

If you’re tasked with hiring a professional voiceover artist this year for narration purposes, please consider the long-term value of using a professional: the media will be higher quality, more convincing, and therefore more popular in online shares, SEO, and so forth.  

It all starts with selecting a professional!

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