• Suzy Jurcevic-Garcia

Tips For A Memorable Voice-Over Audition

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

So much of a voice-over actor’s success depends on his or her ability to make a strong first impression. If a voice-over actor doesn’t command attention, sound appealing and project an air of authority within the first moment he or she is heard, an audience is likely to tune out and miss the entire message he or she has been hired to deliver. Making a strong first impression is crucial for a voice-over artist, even before he or she gets the part. Delivering a memorable voice-over audition is a critical skill all voice-over actors need to have. Because, you’ll never have a chance to make that first impression on listeners if you can’t seal the deal with a casting director.

Even the most talented and well-coached voice actor can be passed over for a job if he or she delivers a poor audition. There’s no reason to take any audition for granted, no matter how many parts you’ve won in the past or how well you network. Having strong auditioning skills and being prepared for every opportunity is the best way to help ensure that your voice-over auditions lead to success.

Preparation is imperative when you want a successful and memorable voice-over audition. That means, you need to read your script thoroughly beforehand, warm up your voice in plenty of time to be ready, and stay hydrated. Casting directors can tell when a voice-over actor delivers an underprepared audition. They’re much less likely to give that actor a call back for the part as a result. Professionalism means preparation, and it’s important for voice-over actors to remember that.

When the time comes to stand in front of the microphone and deliver the audition, the key to a memorable one is delivering a strong performance that matches the tone of what’s being said. That comes back to preparation again. Because, you need to understand the context of the script and determine where to put emphasis or shift tone appropriately. Failing to deliver your lines with energy and enthusiasm because you’re unsure of how to read the lines can be a huge red flag for casting directors.

Voice-over acting is an extremely competitive business. Meaning, you can’t take any audition opportunity for granted. Honing your auditioning skills is just as important as having natural talent and strong coaching. The following checklist illustrates some of the most important tips you can follow for having a memorable voice-over audition. Keep these recommendations in mind, and you’ll have a chance to make that all-important first impression.

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