• Suzy Jurcevic-Garcia

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Explainer Videos

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

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In 2017, 69% of all online traffic consisted of video content. Of that content, a significant portion was explainer videos, also known as the informational videos that explain a product or service to the viewer. Consumed more rapidly and successfully than an explainer article or infographic, the prevalence and effectiveness of explainer videos is hard to ignore today. As the culmination of spectacle, professional voiceover, graphic design, and video creativity, explainer videos are quick and engaging, pulling in viewers much more effectively than a plainly written blog.

If you’re considering an explainer video for your brand this year, here are a few tips for crafting the perfect cinematic expression:

Do Your Homework: Before you sit down to make your video, check out the competition. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, and that applies to explainer videos, too. Make a list of your favorites, and watch them a few times. Write down what they each have in common. Observe elements like the topics covered, lighting, angles, graphics, and voiceovers.

Brevity is Better: The shorter the explainer video, the more successful it will be. People have short attention spans today. If an explainer video is more than 2-minutes long, you can bet on the viewer closing out of the tab and moving onto their next interest. If it helps, the typical rule of thumb in the industry is 150 words per minute. Try and describe the product or service in concise language.

Simplicity: When it’s time to write the script, keep it simple. As someone close to your product or service, you could talk all day about it. However, keep it simple. What are its defining features? How will it help the viewer? Touch on the problem, the solution, how it works, and a call to action in the least amount of words as possible. It’s a simplistic approach that can be applied to even the most complex of topics.

Professional Voiceover: Nothing can destroy a video quicker than amateur voiceover talent dubbed on top of the video you worked hard to produce. We’ve all heard the crackly, cringe-worthy quality audio of the world; don’t let that be your video. Consider professional voiceovers that not only complement your video, but also enhance it.

Keep it Fun: Ultimately, when we’re online, we’re sifting around to waste time or unwind. Being hit with a very serious and intense video isn’t something we’re going to mull over. Instead, try and keep it light and fun, touching on the important topics in a more joyful light. Watching your video shouldn’t feel like a chore.

For getting started, don’t forget to check out explainer video sites, like Vyond (previously GoAnimate) and Powtoon, already equipped with the materials and information you need to create a stellar explainer video today.

Lastly, consider the value of professional services when it comes to your explainer video. As the #1 most consumed form of content available on your business, you want to hit it out of the park. Professional voiceover artists, designers, writers, and so forth will help you make it a reality.

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