• Suzy Jurcevic-Garcia

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Voiceover Talent vs. Doing It Yourself

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Hiring a Professional Voiceover vs Doing it Yourself

When it comes to running a business, it can be easy to get swept up in the “do-it-yourself” mentality to cut corners and save money. Many times, business owners lump voiceover work into that category, attempting to do it themselves, calling in co-workers, or asking family members if they’ll step up as the on-call voiceover freelancer. However, the audio accompaniment to your business videos – which are becoming more important than ever before – can make or break your market and advertising campaign.

91% of consumers in 2017 said they watched at least one video to learn about a product or service.

Here are some of the major reasons why you want to consider a male or female professional voiceover artist for your business this year:

Customized Support: Yes, there are some massive voiceover casting sites out there like VoiceBunny, Voices dot com, and Voice Archive; but, by working with a professional voiceover talent one-on-one, you’ll receive customized support that is tailored to you and your business. You won’t be just another cog in the wheel – instead, these professional artists will work with you, side by side, providing the VIP experience to get your video just right.

Speed: When you try and go through a massive agency, you can kiss your deadlines goodbye. These platforms have to sift through thousands of requests, taking weeks to finalize your project. With a professional voiceover artist, you can adhere to any kind of timeline, receiving your audio at a much quicker pace than any other voiceover supplier.

Experience: If you’re thinking of “doing-it-yourself,” just know that a typical professional voiceover artist works with:

Their own professional studio

Trained experience in audio quality recording

Intonation analysis

Multiple takes to get it just right

Editing/prepping of the final output

File conversion based on your needs

And it doesn’t just end there. These people have made their careers out of voiceover acting, which isn’t exactly something you can just pick up and master in less than an hour.

Peace of Mind: When you’re pressed to meet a deadline or get a video together for a marketing campaign, it can be stressful. If you’re sifting through thousands of poor auditions or casting sites that up-charge services with lofty fees, it can add to the stress. That’s why going directly to the voiceover talent source is the right move for getting the project done affordably, quickly, and efficiently.

If you’re considering working with a professional voiceover freelancer, know that this kind of audio support to your videos can improve SEO, increase conversion rates, decrease bounce rates, and improve click-through rates on your website. The world revolves around video, with more consumers preferring to watch a video than read an article today. Audio is a massively important part of that video, which is why it’s worth the investment moving forward. Consider working with a professional voiceover artist that only provides customized services to clients.

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