• Suzy Jurcevic-Garcia

How Important is Having a Good Phone System Greeting for Your Business?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

When it comes to the digital and audio presentation of your business, there’s no point in settling for second best when these greeting clips are all that stand between you and potential buyers and investors. First impressions are lasting impressions, which is why a good phone greeting system in many cases sets that “first impression” tone for your company and your greater brand.

Since callers pick up the attitude of the person recording the greeting immediately, you want to wow these callers with a greeting that is professional, succinct, pleasant, and cheerful. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to have a good phone system greeting for your business, and here’s why:

First Impressions Happen Quickly:

Did you know the average person creates an opinion of someone or something in just 7-seconds? That’s right, according to Business Insider, you have 7-seconds when you walk into a room or shake someone’s hand to really brand yourself the way you want to be perceived. Therefore, when someone calls your business and is greeted by a phone system, they are going to form their own opinion of your business before the greeting is even over.

More Business is Done Digitally Today:

The days of walking into malls and physically meeting with in-store staff to purchase a good or service is a thing of the past. Did you know that 92% of Americans are online shoppers today? Although some of them still shop in person, many of them stay home to do all of their shopping, which means calling a business and submitting online inquiries is their primary form of contact with you and your team. Therefore, since they aren’t walking into your storefront, they are getting that same interaction from your phone system.

Customer Service Expectations Are Rising:

Did you know that 54% of consumers admit to having higher expectations for customer service today than they did one year ago? As the nature of content marketing continues to change, placing special emphasis on the individual and their unique background, consumers are expecting this kind of special attention through customer service. Your phone greeting system is undoubtedly part of their overall customer service impression, which is why it’s paramount that you create a pleasant and brief message that reflects your business values.

How to Record a Professional Business Greeting

Naturally, you and your team might not exactly be singers or professional voice artists, which is why you should consider professional support for a greeting that is so critically positioned in your business operation. A voiceover recording, completed in a professional studio with no background noise or cracks, will ensure it is: brief, cheerful, professional, and sincere, thanks to the talents of the voiceover artists.

Humans can pick up emotions much more quickly than you think, which is why you want a business greeting system that was recorded by a professional, just for you, today.

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