• Suzy Jurcevic-Garcia

How Do I Find the Right Voice Talent for My Project?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Professional Female American Voice Over Talent

Voiceover talent can make or break your edited video, either supplying the mood, sound, and aesthetic that you want, or completely deviating from the vision you had in mind. With so many elements that go into a video or animated production, it can be incredibly overwhelming to consider what’s needed for the voiceover artist.

However, finding the right voice for your project doesn’t have to be extensively difficult. Here are our recommended steps for ensuring your project turns out top notch:

Know Who’s Listening: Before you do anything, why are you making this video? Who will be watching it or listening to it? What do you want the viewer or listener to do once they are done consuming the content? These are all questions you want to ask yourself before you set out to select voiceover artists that are right for your project. Take your time to really identify what it is you want to hear when the project is all said and done.

Review the Demos: You can have fun shopping for the right voice. All professional voiceover artists will come with demo recordings that provide you with a very clear understanding of what you can expect working with them. Now that you know your audience, take time to mull over these demos while envisioning yourself as one of the audience members.

Request Auditions: Demos are a great starter for vetting the talent, but now you want real-time proof that they are right for you. Request live auditions and raw recordings of the voiceover talent so you can really listen to the authenticity of their voice. A lot can be hidden by an excellently edited demo clip.

Real-Time Support: Now that you have your talent selected, it’s up to you if you want to be involved with every decision or not. Through phone patching, you can actually collaborate with the voiceover artist in real-time to minimize the amount of editing and retakes that need to happen. If you know you’re going to be very particular about your audio, it’s recommended to be proactive from the get-go.

Record First, Then Edit: It might seem backwards to record your voiceover audio before making the actual video, but in the end, it’s actually the easiest way to ensure timing, editing, and overall mood are in-line. With the audio at your fingertips, you can build around it, ensuring you won’t need to totally scrap the project in the future and try again.

Finding the Right Voice

Overall, only you know the final vision for your project in front of you. Are you going for sad, scary, emotional, happy, or informational? Do you want it to be a short or long audio clip? What are you hoping to instill in your listeners? From these answers, take your time to really listen to the demos and live auditions, so you can decide on a male or female voiceover artist that is perfect for you.

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